Saturday, July 17, 2010

...whoa..wait...hang on a sec... Whaddaya mean, I have to *keep* on "writing" *more* stuff...?! --- [...*cra-ap!*...]

OH!  Hey!  Hi!

Ready for more Blogging-Bliss? Come on, say "yes"! You know ya wanna ... I have "pictures"...

It's Saturday. Summer. Mom and my "bonding" day of the week. Checking out the yard sales in this end of town, looking for those ever-elusive items that we *don't* already have a room full of! Afterward, we do the grocery runs.

This year, we've been leaving the house later than we used to. So, we weren't on the road until 10am! Then again, it's *still* sweltering out [30C / 38C humidex] and who in their right minds really wants to be out driving anyway?

[NOTE: I never said I was "sane". Do you know how much yarn I have?]

Anyhoo, pickings were pretty slim today. Second Saturday in a row in the last couple months where it hasn't been raining! Guess everyone is at the cottage or holed up someplace cool. Unless one has a big airy garage and/or *lots* of shade, and an over-whelming need to be rid of their "stuff", then it's just waay too hot to be "dealing" with the haggling masses. As well as the people who DON'T know how to properly park their cars!

Not to mention, "load" their vehicles.... As in, today's fine example of spatial manipulation!

"Bargain-Buddy" [with I think his family of 4] was attempting to pack onto the roof of his Joe Average 4-door cheapo car, a mattress [at least a double-size], the box spring, the metal frame [still screwed together - with wheels...], AND, I believe, I observed another skinner mattress on top of that in my rear view when we left... Oh, and it gets better! As we walked by on the way to our car, I noticed him trying to tie down everything with some not-so-great nylon twine...

Needless to say, we vacated the general area of the macrame-challenged as swiftly as possible and headed out to do the grocery/provisions portion of our weekly expedition.

So - you ask - "what" did I buy?...

Nothing really. Except the 10 cents I spent on this little guy...

Not that I really needed him - I actually have at least 4 more exactly like him in my rather large collection. But, hey, he was only a dime and I hadn't bought anything yet! And there he was, just staring up at me in this box, subliminally pleading with me to take him home... And he is a rhino... What's not love? Huh?

He's now happily sitting amongst his fellow clones.

Hey! Did you all notice the "yarn" he was nested in? Remember that bunch of "factory ends" I bought the other day...? [see yesterday's POST for details] Well, I had passed on this bit at the time, but it was still there today. So, you know, I figured, why not...

Meanwhile, on a "Kodak" note... Seriously, as much as I love just about every shade and tone of purple, it IS an absolute major pain to photograph!! It almost always turns out looking like a blue! Probably something to do with all that ultraviolet spectral pigment stuff or whatever... Bottomline, I had to tweak the photo to get anywhere near to the REAL colours! What may look like periwinkle, is actually more of a lavender hue. Just so you know.

Let's see, what else...? Got my rhino. Got my yarn. Got a little damp from an isolated shower - that just couldn't *wait* until AFTER I got into the store! -- But, shortly later, I had a sample of ice cream in chocolate syrup [Ooooo! Yum!!] - so I got over it.

OH! I had a minor epiphany when we left the "dollar" store. [After which, Mom accused me of "picking her brain"!]

QUESTION:  Do you know how to confuse a [modern day] teenaged store clerk?

[BTW, if you happen to be one and are reading this... Sorry, but I'm an old lady, AND, it is MY blog! So, get over it.]

ANSWER:  Give them EXACT change!!

And did I mention, we were buying batteries...?  -- I know that there has to be another "teenager" joke here, I'm sure! But, I don't want to use up all my "material" in one Post. Must conserve!


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