Friday, July 16, 2010

*THIS* is What Happens...

... when I'm hot, bored, and *not* crocheting:  a "BLOG" is born!!  Lucky you guys, huh? 

[What's that old vampire saying... "Life sucks and then you live forever"...?  So, get a grip on your dental-ware, and "move on"!]

Okay... So. Hi!  And Welcome to my blog...  And forgive any weirdness - I'm kinda new to this set-up stuff. Not quite finding everything that I really want to do with all this just yet.  Was planning on having my own custom "background" here, but, that's not quite happening yet.  Until then, enjoy the lovely wood panelling... And, be sure to click into my Album [see link and hope it works] over on - and the "Baby" pictures and available patterns that are there.  At "some" point - hopefully, *in* my lifetime - I'll get a proper webpage sent up.  Until then, well, "this" is MY life!!

I mentioned "hot", right?  Currently, here is lovely OTTAWA, it's 29C with a humidex of 36C...  BTW, this is the end of Week 2 of this meteorological experiment in Summer and a good 10 degrees cooler than last week!!  Six days of 44C humidex - that's about 111F for you non-metric folks.  And it usually doesn't last for this long...  So, after 4 days, it gets to be a tad of a problem with coping. 

Of course, that still doesn't stop me from purchasing *more* cotton yarn!!!  -- Hey [what's a little 11+ UV exposure], when there's a sale  ...  Or, in the case of this recent acquisition, "factory ends", I just can't stop myself from filling up the shopping cart!  Then again, the "sneaking-it-all-into-the-house" part can be a bit problematic...  Seriously starting to run out of space.  REALLY!!

So, on *that* note -- if anyone is looking for that unique "gift"....

In this latest not-so-little purchase, I've acquired a bunch of WHITE [I've been thinking about doing up a couple of plain smaller throws with that. Suitable for Christenings?], LAVENDER, MAUVE, what I call "POOL" - a royal/skyblue mix [think Blues Clues colours] - and a sort of TIE DYE blue mix.  Meanwhile, still have a bunch left of a couple of TURQUOISE shades and VIOLET.

BTW, has anyone noticed how many pregnant people are out there of late?  I predict a lot of Baby Boomers doing a lot of Baby Sitting come this Fall and the Holiday season!  Was it some weird solar flare, something in the "water", or perchance, the fact that NOT a lot of snow shovelling this past Winter was going on?  Whichever, everytime I go out shopping, I'm surrounded by bellies waiting to pop!

Which, also means more potential customers for me, so I really shouldn't complain, should I?  And I'm not. Have to start carrying more of my business cards!

And, speaking of future progeny....  I'm expecting another great-niece this Fall myself!  So, there's at least one blanket on my To-Do List!

Well, People, I think I'll end this first entry for now.  Maybe tweak it some more later.  Whatever, hope it was good for you too!

- Shan

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