Tuesday, July 20, 2010

**HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LITTLE LOLA**!!! -- And PRE-Stump Revisited...

Busy. Busy morning...


  • Temporally-enhanced audio-challenged Male-Parental-Unit *driving* to doctor's appointment - [Why? Cause its His car!]
  • Which manages to get just about *EVERY* Red Light on the way! - [Why? See above.]
  • And after the "wait" in the tiny musical-chair designed office... [He's just fine BTW! ... Well, except maybe for the whole having to pay for parking issues..]
  • Different [longer!] route back, but still haunted by the Red Light Demon. Hey! Look!  "Construction"!! - [Why? "..Cause, I didn't want to take the scenic route with all the red lights!.."]
  • Temporally-enhanced Female-Parental-Unit, not impressed...
  • I, later kidnap the vehicle and get Green Lights all the way to get some groceries! [Why? Cause I think, sometimes, The Car likes me *better*!!]
  • As I said, "sometimes" - got Reds on the way back...
  • And, the Heatwave is back! Currently, 27C / 30C humidex.
  • Took pics of The X Tree... As a Squirrel-In-Black spied from above...

So, here are Yesterday's promised pics of The TREE...

Notice, how *innocently* unassuming and woodsy the Disney Creature Condo looks, as the Evil Bugs consume it from within...!  [..hmm, sounds like a pitch for a really bad movie, doesn't it? - No. Wait. Correction - *Graphic* Novel! -- Oh, hey... Is THAT  STAN LEE with a chain-saw coming this way?]

"WHAT?!  Is there something stuck inbetween my Bark...?" 

I stand corrected from Yesterday's Post, the distance between AshTree and the Lilac Bush is just over 4 feet...

"THIS, *squirrel toothpick* is what's uprooting ME..!?!  Yeah! Right!"

The Showdown. WHO, will eventually be left standing?! Will our much maligned X TREE meet his mulch before first Snow? Will CHUCKY TREE survive another near-brush with death at the blade of  Evil Snowplow Guy...? [Don't mind me, I'm just thinking ahead to the Sequel!]

"..Oooo, I could sooo SNAP you like the Twig that you are with my mighty rotting limbs!"

Don't touch that TAB!! STAY TUNED!!!


And a Happy Birthday Aloha shout out to the lovely little LOLA!!  Hope you're still enjoying your Blankie!

Shameless showing off of one of the Kids!


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