Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Decor" Mag In-the-Mail Day!! -- And, *HAPPY BIRTHDAY* to MOUNTIE-MAN S!!

Don't cha just love it, when -- other than spam flyers AND the "BILLS" [and I'm NOT talking tall strapping young eye-candy Princes either!] -- *something* REALLY great arrives in The MAIL!?
...Of course, the "other" spelling would be even better, but alas, I digress... 

OH!!  Sorry...  was just having a "moment"...  [cough!]

Ahh..?  Where was I...?  Oh, yeah, right, Mag-in-the-Mail...  SEPT issue of  STYLE AT HOME.  For the Non-Canucks here, it's one of the leading Canadian decorating magazines. Has some super stuff.

THIS particular issue was dedicated to "Kitchens"...  We should ALL have homes with the ones they've got featured here! -- Hurry out NOW and just buy that WINNING lottery ticket for tonight's Draw!! 

Anyhoo... was just taking a quick looksee through the thing, when "p.32" got my eye... A bunch of LAMP SHADES with some rather nice looking CREWEL work.  Hmmm....

It's been awhile since I've done any myself, but, it struck me as something different to do on a Lamp Shade.  Would have to be done on a good Linen one and, finished off well. Otherwise, it would just end up looking a tad tacky. Also, use a silk embroidery thread, perhaps. Might be something that would go well in a Nursery or Toddler room...

However, for those lacking that skill, and/or the time of day, here are the LINKS to the examples on that page:

Couldn't find the one at  ANTHROPOLOGIE , but they DID have a lot of other *really* cool STUFF!!!

Meanwhile, if I come across anything else of interest in the Issue, I'll add it in.


Ah, another Birthday this Week!  Today, it's a dear old Friend [and an older clone version of the above mentioned Princely Bill!] - MOUNTIE-MAN "S" - and hubby of my even longer [since we were both VERY young!BFF - "SISTER-S"!!  Actually, it was her birthday last week... 

SEE, I made a Blog to celebrate!!  

Meanwhile, SISTER-S, is the lucky owner of my FIRST Blanket [IVORY - very huge!], and various other items... As well as the below "Baby".  I was celebrating a "milestone" birthday myself at the time, at Their place in the wilds of the British Columbian Interior, when I decided to whip up this little Guy to match with all of Their many beautiful leather sofas and such... 

Now, THAT House looked like it had walked off the pages of a Decor Magazine!!

This one was created on location [with a breath-taking lofty view] at the time.


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