Sunday, July 25, 2010

Botanical Beach Blankets...

Been a quiet day...  As well finally, a pleasant sunny day without the killer humidity!!  Was almost tempted to mark the *event* down on a Calendar - you know, to celebrate NEXT Year on the chance that I have nothing to do that day...

Today, however, I chose to enjoy it by way of "experimenting" in rudimentary "CUTTING and PASTING".  Observe, the Below:

"ATLANTIS BEACH" [already adopted, living somewhere on the East Coast]
-- "R. Thomson" oil painting

The Blanket - ATLANTIS BEACH - has already found a good home. It was in the Baltimore area when I last left it almost a year ago. At this time, its current location is unbeknownst, although, there's a strong possibility that it could be in the Philadelphia area...  IF, I ever get a confirmation on its actual whereabouts, I'll be sure to update the Records!

As for the lovely little Beachscape oil painting here.... I picked this tiny quaint treasure up for ONLY a *DOLLAR* [!!!] at a Yard Sale a few weeks ago - a few days into the Heatwave...  I couldn't get to a beach, so, I bought a "picture" of one instead!  I'm still trying to identify the Artist, but not having much luck as yet... There was this one guy, but his style is completely different -- unless of course, this is an earlier work...? Whatever, further, more indepth investigation is needed.

Meanwhile, until now, I really hadn't realized how well these two pieces actually go together!  *NUTS*!!

You see, I have this little *POLICY*, concerning those Blankets that are of 2 or more colour mixes... And that being, that EVERY "ColourMix/PatternDesign/Size" is UNIQUE!! 

Now, IF, I decide to make One for Myself, to go with the Painting, it'll have to be a different Size, a different Shade of Blue, and a tweak to the Pattern as well!!  [ggrrrrr....]  I knew I should have KEPT that One at Home!!

As for my Experimentation... I'm going to have to find more things to MIX'n'MATCH !

Soooo, whilst I was graphic-grazing, the Parental-Units were off to the GARDEN CENTER at one of the nearby larger grocery stores...  It was the LAST DAY of Seasonal operation.  Which, often, means lots and LOTS of  **FREE** NEARLY DEAD PLANTS ABOUT TO GO INTO THE DUMPSTER!!!

Further TRANSLATION :  The INSIDE of the CAR - [Backseat/Trunk] - becomes a SOUTH AMERICAN location shoot for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!!

Apparently, a lot of these were expensive "hanging" pots...

Mother really wanted these Red ones...

Ahh... so, which will LIVE, and which wilt DIE...?  Find out - NEXT YEAR!!


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