Thursday, July 22, 2010

..[hehe]... ME *BAD*!!

For those of you who *really* KNOW me, you probably already KNOW why!!  [FAIRY-T knows!!! Eh? - Ohh, don't You go waving that WAND at Me!! You're almost as *wicked*, AND You know it too!! ]
As to the REST of you, you'll just have to READ on...

So, we had big loud rainy thunderstorms last evening, causing the odd light flicker... The result - a rather lovely and much cooler morning today for the first time in weeks!  However.... It's right back up to it's usual  27C / 31C thing again. AGAIN!

Which in turn meant, hot, hot, sizzling fingertips on the steering wheel when getting into the car between shopping locales. 

Ah. Yes. Shopping... 

Right. So, The PLAN :

  • the odd grocery items that needed to be obtained as it was the last sale day of the week; 
  • an item pickup for Mom; 
  • an item delivery for Mom - [person wasn't around, so that was a bust.];
  • cash in that last week's winning lottery ticket - [a whole whopping $7.  WooHoo!!];
  • buy more tickets

Now, personally, I usually like to have a basic "combat" plan to my little Merchandise "Mercy" Missions...  -- [Hey! When the STUFF starts begging me in their pitiful lonely little subliminal voices saying, "Buy me! Buy me, Buy me!!"  HOW can Anyone say *No* and NOT extract Them...?  Be honest!]  -- That said, I make my List of Things-To-Do, the Places-They're-At, and Which-Route-To-Get-There.  Toss a few ice packs into the Cooler [VERY important to have handy in THIS weather!!] and I'm out the door!

First stop, the nearby Mall.  Hmm... Must do this in an orderly fashion, so despite the fact that I really don't have to go into the "anchor" store on the end of the Mall... Oh, why not, huh?  Maybe, I'll find something that needs to be "rescued"!

OH!  LOOK!!  **NEW** packages of cotton yarn "Factory Ends"...!!!  Ooooooo...!!! 
[insert Voiceover:  Clean up in Aisle 4...]

BTW... Did I *mention* that THIS was the same fine retail establishment where I had acquired my previous Yarn purchases...?  No?  Sorry. My BAD!  

Some more, oooooooo...  NEW Colours!!! 

The RED here, is actually a softer dark CORAL shade.

So then, I grab one of those wheely plastic baskets and start filling it up!  Got the ABOVE [3 packages].  And again, with the having to tweak the colours...  That RED tone should be a deep CORAL. Haven't picked up this colour mix before... - Like, I only have OVER a hundred different colours!! - Thinking on calling it "CoralBeach". For now. 

Also picked up single packages of a deep PINK, a HUNTER green, a LIME/WHITE mix, and a TOFFEE - which I really wished that there had been more of! Will have to keep an eye out...

And AFTER my little surprise "rescue" mission, the rest of my day was pretty much inconsequential!  - Hey, I got YARN!!  AND, managed to secretly imbed it into the House... 


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