Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunny, Sunny, SUNDAY!

WHAT I said Yesterday, about EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY... The DUDE IS *still* EVIL! As, at *some* point LATER during the Night, the Snow%##$# was scraped - for once! - CLOSE to Our Curb, BUT... then, "SPRAYED" onto Everyone's Driveways and Lawns about 6 Feet IN!

The UPside, IT wasn't "Glacial" debris! Just, thick dirty doughy Snow... Meanwhile, there was only a couple of Inches of the Regular type everywhere else. I was only out there for less than an Hour. However, it was on the nippy side... -24C Windchill.

Actually, We've got a bit of a COLD snap for the next Day or so. It's -21C with a -30C windchill right now. THIS is how "normal" January Temps are *suppose* to BE!

Anyway, spent the remainder of the Day FINISHING that second COWL [for Me!] in the GUMMI GRAPE Colour. And, got back to work on that Latest Blanket. I still have a good Day's worth left on IT. I've been debating on whether, I should stick to ITS "5x7 Square" Size, or expand IT to
"6x8"... Thoughts?

Meanwhile, I'm going to get BACK to IT again!


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  1. What kind of cotton do you use in your blankets? Does it fade with washing...? Seems my knitted cotton dishcloths always fade.


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