Friday, January 14, 2011

Shopping With the FISHES...


These "Guppies" have been on My I-WANT-IT! List since I first spotted Them in JULY! -
[SEE 30JUL2011] -- BTW, IF You haven't "noticed" YET, I have this "Thing" for Collecting FISH, SHELLS, and Other NAUTICAL Knickknacks...

It's always *fun* to see how MANY of the Collectibles on those MARTHA STEWART LIVING Magazine Pages that I *actually* HAVE!

This is from the BOWRING Website

And... disappointing, in NOT having The REST!

So, I decided on Purchasing the Middle sized One - about 19 Inches from Bow to Stern. It was the Best Size for the [On SALE!!] Price, and more Practical for Me. -- The BOX it was packed into, just FIT into My Trunk!

Anyhoo... THAT was My *Special* [upcoming] B-DAY Gift to Myself!

As for the OTHER Activities Today, MOTHER and I were OUT & ABOUT doing the Weekly MAIN Grocery Runs. Which, is usually reserved for Saturdays, however, "Word" has it, that We're SUPPOSE [?] to get a "Piece" of all that WEATHER that Everyone ELSE has been *surviving* for the Past Week!

I'll BELIEVE it, when I'm SHOVELLING it!

Whatever, We ended up buying a Bunch of Edible FISH! -- DON'T Tell "BOWBLE"! [..that's What I'm Calling IT for now...]


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