Saturday, January 8, 2011

Repeat Programming...

DUE to a severe LACK of "IMAGINATION" on The UNIVERSE's part, *Today* will be a RERUN of *Yesterday*! Same Weather Conditions. Same SNOW. Same Shoveling Routine!! -- Although... there was NO sign of EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY, just SIDEWALK PLOW GUY.

BTW, despite the possibility of SUNLIGHT Tomorrow, be Prepared for *another* Time-Shifted viewing of Today's "Episode"! -- Which, actually...I wouldn't really mind so much, IF it means I get to WIN on My Lottery Ticket again! It's been a while, but I finally WON a few Dollars This Evening!! [HAPPY DANCE! -- oops! Watch the Ice!...]

Meanwhile, since I haven't Posted ANY Pics lately.... Here's a little Something that's "NON-Snow" WHITE STUFF!

[FROM:  My BROTHER's Summer Honeymoon in MEXICO]

*WISH* I were ANYWHERE similar RIGHT NOW!! -- But, ALAS... I *need* to GET a new PASSPORT First! And, afford the AIR FARE... However, I *DO* have that "Open-Invitation" for HAWAII...!!



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