Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Foam

AT LEAST, that's what the Driveway looked like it was COVERED with... about an Inch of FLUFFY Flakes! -- Until, of course, the Last 8-Feet of "Peanut Butter" Plow-Poop! [The Lawn had almost 10-Feet smeared across it...]

    WARNING - If the EVIL SNOW-PLOW GUY ever "offers" You any SMORES... **DON'T EAT THE SNOW**!!

Anyhoo, guess WHO needed to take The CAR out at a certain Time...?

Surprisingly, it only took Me a Half-Hour to do Our Lane and MADAME Q's - it was finally WARM enough Today for those hard-packed TIRE Snow-Tracks of Hers to soften up! Then, I got ready to go pick up the Elderly MRS. CLEAN! -- We have the same Bank and She likes to get Her "Book" updated around This Time of Year...

Hmm... Her Lane ISN'T as Clear as Mine... In fact, I almost got STUCK pulling out of it because of the loose Plow-Poop at the End of IT!

We weren't out for long, as I had to get The CAR back in Time for FATHER's Errand Expeditions, and She didn't need to go Anywhere else. At Her Age with the Current Weather, being "Out & About" is a tad exhaustive despite the enjoyment.

So... I got one bit of GOOD Mail. Only took a Week...not bad... Got a GOOD E-Mail, too. It appears
that DISTANT COUSIN "B" will be off to an Exotic Locale for Her upcoming 70th Birthday! -- Ah! Perhaps a POSTCARD is in Our Futures..?!

Oh! Be sure to CHECK OUT KRISTIN NICHOLAS' latest Bloog Post -

She just got some *more* BABY PRE-YARNS!! Seriously CUTE Pics!!

Well, I should go find "something" constructive to DO....


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