Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hey, SIS...I think You **MISSED** a SHOP!!

I'M SLIGHTLY more coherent Today! Sleeping IN until really LATE truly *HELPS*!

BTW, before I *Forget*! -- ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS-IN-LAW!!!***
Soon as I finish LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's Blanket, I *have* to get going on MAID-MARE's!!


Whence We last left Our "Journeys of Public Transit", We had arrived HOME. With Me, retreated to the calming confines of My Basement Bedroom, whilst SISTER "bonded" with MOTHER
over Pics of The Progeny and Her epic Tales of Travel and Travail....

Two Hours LATER...

Actually, I should "prefix" here.... Near the conclusion of My Self-imposed "quiet time" of Cyber-Surfing and, just before Signing Off-line, I ended up engaged in a "texting" Session with My Niece, THE MOM. She had this "LIST" of Items that She had wanted Her Mother [SISTER] to "pick up", before heading to Her Place...

Meanwhile, SISTER also had to make alternative Travel Arrangements from Our Place [East End] toward the Southwest Out-of-Town [CARLETON PLACE]. Her Original "Ride" fell through at the LAST
Minute! Our "Back-up" Plan was to stick Her on a "BUS"...

FORTUNATELY though, one of Her long-time BEST Friends works IN Town, but lives past CP! -- But,
BFF works in the West End - She would *have* to backtrack a ways... However, BFF *really* IS THE BEST and said it wouldn't be a problem! ..Just, LATER... Which, worked Perfectly for Us too, AS SISTER had designs on DOING MUCH SHOPPING!!

I think it was around 11am when We LEFT...?

  • First Stop, CANADIAN TIRE to get an AIR MATTRESS BED. Who knew that there were SO many "choices"?
  • Off to TRAINYARDS- SISTER had yet to partake of THAT "Experience"...
  • WALMART first. There was STUFF that I had to get There. And, We wanted to compare Their AIR BED Prices.
  • Across to BED, BATH & BEYOND. Left Her to peruse, whilst I made a brief stop down the Strip to DOLLARAMA.
  • Encounter STUPID DRIVER just before moving The CAR to the other side of the Complex.
  • Seriously?? I'm surrounded by *many* EMPTY PARKING SPACES and IDIOT PERSON *PARKS* RIGHT IN *FRONT* OF ME???!!
  • Checked out "cute" little Kitchen Store..
  • Next door to THE WICKER EMPORIUM, that for some unknown Reason, doesn't really seem to have all that much WICKER...
  • BOWRING still has that Big Sale going on... I'm tempted to get one of those cool FISH-shape BOWLS! -- I *do* have a Birthday coming up...
  • Another Voyage across the Commerce Compound to MICHAEL'S. I think I spent more Time in the Checkout Line [only ONE Cashier?] than around the Store!
  • Started to get BEHIND... MUCH to Shop. Getting Peckish... Headed for THE BIG MALL!
  • SISTER bought LUNCH!
  • She planted Herself at one of the KIDS' Clothing Stores. I went to The BANK! -- Empty. NO Line-up. Scary!
  • She was STILL in the same Store... I went to THE GAP. I *didn't* BUY Anything! Really Scary!
  • She's *finally* at the Checkout!
  • Remember, THE "LIST"?
  • LUSH - NOT, *My* Fav Place - TOO many SMELLS that do My Allergies NO Good!
  • Inform the 2 PRETTY & PERKY SALES *ASSOCIATES* about THE "LIST"...
  • As I stand there, holding said Scrap of Paper and a quaintly cute Basket, it swiftly FILLS in Less than a Minute!
  • SISTER awaits at The CASH... Preparing, for Her MRS. MONEY BAGS Impression.
  • $84?!!
  • [INSERT - One of SISTER's more profound Facial Expressions of Disbelief]
  • It's at "Moments" like THIS, when I am *grateful* to be an AUNT and NOT, a MOM! Or, at the very least, My WALLET is!
  • Not to mention, accepting Her "Treat" of Lunch, EARLIER!
  • Dragging My dazed Sibling away from the Retail Wreckage, We proceeded to commence Our strategic withdrawal from this particular Budgetary Black Hole.
  • The UPside, I managed to successfully talk Her out of going to a few Other Places! Instead, We headed straight for THE MALL.
  • Left Her "parked" in some "TEAM" SPORTS Clothing Store - [there were these cute Hockey Baby Booties] - whilst I, ran a few errands at a couple of the Other Stores.
  • We were suppose to MEET in The Grocery Store...
  • AFTER walking around the rather LARGE Establishment, I finally spot Her just walking IN!
  • I'm beginning to hit the 30-hours "awake" mark... Getting a tad punchy. Gonna WAIT for Her outside... I hear this "promise" of "..I'll only be 10-Minutes..."
  • 20-Minutes LATER, My Cell rings...
  • The Shopping Carts have Wheel-Locks that prevent them from going out THAT particular EXIT... I *had* remembered to TELL Her this. However, She bought a few HEAVY Items...
  • A few Minutes after filling The Trunk, We were FINALLY HOME!!

BFF eventually picked Her up, and I, got My much needed SLEEP! The Rest, as They say, IS HISTORY!

Meanwhile, TODAY was totally non-descript and mostly spent, writing the ABOVE! -- Oh, BTW, I received a "Decor" MAG on MONDAY! Haven't had a chance to go through it YET! ..Perhaps, Tomorrow...?


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