Sunday, January 30, 2011


FOR... JENNIFER FLORES of RAMBLING RENOVATORS Fame - CHLOE's MOM [SEE 08SEP2011 Post] - to make Her North American TV "Debut" on THE NATE BERKUS Show!!

CHECK OUT Her Latest POST about the Show and Her Appearance...

To be sure, NEW YORK CITY's "SNOWPOCALYPSE" did NOT deter this Fellow Canadian BLOOGER from Her Whirlwind SHOPPING EXPLORATIONS!!

So, *Watching* JENN dazzle NATE will be My major Goal, Tomorrow... As, I also "Celebrate" BLOOG POST #200 for AS *many* DAYS Straight!! -- WOW! I *do* TYPE a LOT, huh?

Oh, AND, it's SUPPOSE to be SUNNY, NO Snow... yadda, yadda.... uh-huh... Well, let's just WAIT until that SUN actually *DOES* comes UP all Bright and Shiny, eh?


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  1. Auntie Shan - you are too too much :) Thanks for tweeting and posting about my Nate appearance. I hope I don't disappoint with my 30secs of fame!



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