Wednesday, January 19, 2011


AH... Yes, the most lovely, personable, and *much* talented RACHEL LUTTRELL! -- She has a *Music* CD coming out SOON... When I hear more on that, I WILL pass the INFO on!

Anyway, I did THIS up for Her Son, CADEN about a Year and a Half ago...

For Another Pic, CLICK HERE

IT was Designed to be used as a STORY BLANKET of TANZANIA - [Where She was born].

Done in - MAKAI, BIRCH, FUDGE, KIWI, CHOCOLATE, CERULEAN, IVORY, PALE BLUE, and ZUNIBLU - Each Colour represents a particular Geographical and/or Unique Feature of the Country, that She could TELL Him about... Such as MOUNT KILIMANJARO, LAKE VICTORIA, and the SERENGETI with all its Wondrous Creatures!

Wrapped up in IMAGINATION, every SQUARE *Tells* a STORY!


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