Thursday, January 6, 2011



And, OF COURSE, *ALL* of those over-priced WARRANTIES **EXPIRED** almost 2 Weeks AGO!! -- I hate it, when this happens...

You know, I was trying to "fix" it late Last Night [3am-ish]... Actually, tested it out this Morning for a few minutes and it seemed to work... Couldn't stick with it though, as I had to leave the House for an Appointment Downtown.

I left during a Light "Dusting" of Snow to My Bus Stop... It cleared up once I arrived at My Destination. -- Anyway, not much happening Out that Way... The Students are back at it... Still some leftover Sales of Things I didn't need or weren't in My Size... And, THANKFULLY, I got GOOD
Bus Connections!

Then - back Home - WHEN I was settled in, ready to CROCHET and WATCH My DVDs, the stupid ^%$#$#^%& THING **WON'T** WORK!!! -- AUNTIE is sooooo NOT a HAPPY CAMPER right NOW!

I think Tomorrow - in Daylight - I'm going to have to actually TRY to "remove" the Hardware and have a looksee... It *might* just be something "simple"..? [..yeah.. right...] -- I really, *really* DON'T want to have to BUY a *new* DRIVE! OR, go the way of a *new* LAPTOP!

'Cause, I'll probably end up stuck with GEEK-GUY again... CRAP!..


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  1. Its in the air, my computer has died i'm using trevs laptop till he gets off his butt and orders the new one, i keep nagging!! hugs tinkx


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