Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Excuse Me..? But, I ordered FRIES...

IT WASN'T *suppose* to SNOW Today! -- Okay... Granted, it was ONLY a light "dusting", but *still*!? -- DUDES! Stick with the WEATHER CHANNEL Programming, huh?!

Anyway, I went out for an Hour and did it ALL! The Temps are warming up, so some of those packed up Tire Tracks are starting to loosen their grip on the Asphalt. Oh, yeah... and THE SUN was *suppose* to make an "Appearance", too! Ha! Like THAT happened! *NOT*!

And, NO MAIL Today, either... Very discouraging... BUT! I *DID* get a Couple of NEW TWEEPS!! [Followers] -- So, that made up for My Postal-Depression.

Meanwhile, I was doing a bit of BLOG-HOPPING and chanced upon THIS:

Are THESE *COOL*, or What?!!


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