Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The SISTER has *Landed*!!

I FEEL like I usually do AFTER a CRAFT SHOW... Totally *WASTED*!! But, without the Pleasure of Profits! And, "WHY?", You ask... Well, because I was working on about 30plus Hours of NO SLEEP!!

Remember Yesterday, I had to "GET TO BED, EARLY"...? Yeah, well... not so much. And then, I *never* DID actually "FALL" Asleep! I kept worrying about NOT hearing My Alarm go off!

Sooo... MY "HAPPY 1-11-11"...
  • NOT being able to "nod off".
  • Alarm goes at 5:30am. I drag out of Bed at 5:50ish.
  • Manage to NOT wake The ELDERLY PARENTAL UNITS when I leave at 7:05am.
  • Still a bit Dark as I get through Morning-TRAFFIC-That-I-NEVER-See on My way to THE BIG MALL to "PARK".
  • Get My FIRST BUS right away!
  • Arrive at HURDMAN STATION 7:30am. A Minute later, board the "#97 AIRPORT".
  • 13 Minutes to the "crossover" at HUNT CLUB ROAD... Where We WAIT for almost 5 to get across 2 Lanes of Traffic!
  • NOTE: From "current location" of The TRANSITWAY, I can see the AIRPORT PARKWAY -- and the bumper-to-bumper "Reason" WHY I DIDN'T TAKE THE CAR!
  • 2 Minutes from AIRPORT MAIN TERMINAL BUILDING, MOTHER calls to say SISTER called and is in Baggage Claim. -- I had tried SISTER earlier, but apparently She couldn't hear Her Phone!
  • 8:00am-ish, I walk into Terminal and find SISTER!
  • Within 15 Minutes, We're on the RETURN Bus...
  • At HURDMAN, encounter the SCHOOL KIDS TRAFFIC. Next Bus "crowded", but POLITE SCHOOL GIRLS give Us & The SUITCASE seats!
  • Short journey later, arrive at THE BIG MALL. ELEVATORS are actually WORKING!! YAY!!
  • Pack CAR, Home before 9am!
  • MOTHER's turn to keep SISTER occupied!

It's getting LATE... PART 2 of SIBLING SHOPPING will have to wait until TOMORROW!

Meanwhile, HERE'S PRINCESS PRE-TEEN's completed Blanket -


Done in CAPRI, PINKY, and BROWN.

[SEE 03DEC2010 for the "Story" on Her choice of the Colours!]


And, not to FORGET! -- ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUZZ!!***
-- Another of My Sci-Fi "Convention Cohorts"! She makes Great VIDEOS!!



  1. lubbly blanket!! tinkx

  2. Thanks lady!!!! Love ya & your work!!!



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