Friday, January 7, 2011

"..IT's *ALIVE*!!.."

SO. It's actually *LOOKING* like WINTER now! We've been having sporadic "Light Flurries" in the last "24"... - It was *suppose* to be SUNNY Today...? - Anyway, it's looking like the next "48" will likely be continuing the Trend...

Whatever, Today's LAYER was about 3 to 6 INCHES of very dry, fluffy FLAKES! - [THANK YOU!]
- However, as soon as I would CLEAR an Area, it would be COVERED up again!! Hence, I'm left to PLAN My Field of Operation.... The most crucial Areas - like the Front Door Path - are left to be done at the very LAST!

After the usual 2 Hours of all that "Exercise", it was Time to tackle My wayward DVD Drive dilemma...

You know, it's amazing what a "help" that a Good FLASHLIGHT can be! -- I had originally wanted to remove the entire Assembly from the LAPTOP, but, wasn't able to... At least, not without risking breaking Something!

As it turns out, I found *another* little DUSTBUNNY in what was, no doubt, a troublesome Spot... Removed it. And, figured that *THIS* had been THE PROBLEM...? - uh-huh... - When I didn't see anything else that may have been awry, I put it all back together.

CRAP! ...*WHY* isn't it WORKING?!!

Enough! -- I decided to leave it and get on with My OTHER Daily Cyber-Stuff...

Of course, LATER... I thought that I would try again, ONE MORE TIME... However, at this "go", I just opened up the TRAY and used that great Flashlight again...

Hmm... scratch marks...? That would mean GRIT under the LENS CARRIAGE... maybe?

I did find one little Speck of Something. And, lightly probed around with some paper... Okay. That's ALL I can do!

Anyway, THIS Time, I started it up a little differently, then put the DISK in.... [HAPPY DANCE MARATHON!!] -- IT WORKED!!! And, far be it for Me to QUESTION a *GOOD* THING, so I continued to View said DVD, whilst getting back to My CROCHETING!

Now, I only HOPE that My Fortune continues for when I NEXT go to USE My DVD Drive! As, after Tomorrow's predicted FLURRY Tally, I will be in NEED of the Diversion!


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