Thursday, January 13, 2011

First "Decor" MAG DAY of the Year!!


Which... was actually on MONDAY! -- I've been a bit "Occupied"...  And, to be honest, IT is on the THIN-side... We're probably not missing a whole lot here.

However, if You're looking for any "VALENTINE" Eye-Candy - [...of the Non-"Strapping" variety - wrong Literary Genre for THAT here!] - CHECK OUT the February MARTHA STEWART LIVING. I had a quick look of MOTHER's Copy the other Day... LOTS of "Heart" Stuff, *and* CHOCOLATE!!

Anyway, here's...

  • P. 21 - "Pendant" LAMP hanging over a Bed-side TABLE... Huh. Seems almost
  • "functional" in Theory. And, that One looks good, too.
  • P. 24 - Ooooo... I love Artsy METAL TILES and GRATES. Always CLASSIC!
  • P. 30 - The FINN JUHL designed Pale Mint Green 2-seater "Poeten" SOFAvery "MAD MEN"! As for the Y-Leg TABLE... Visually "Fresh". Structurally "Sound"...? I have My doubts - would have to see "the Numbers" on that One!
  • P. 42, 44 - The FLOORS are all Wonderful. I have a weakness for that Herringbone PATTERN! As for what is sitting on Them, not so much... Except, maybe for that TUB, and the Purple Wall PANEL.
  • P. 52, 54 - ALL, fabulous SOFAS! That Leather One, is being "penciled-in" on My LOTTERY LIST. Although, I'd shop around for a LOWER Price!
  • P. 60-63 - Like the Cowhide-Metal CHAIRS. The Bird-Leg LAMP, might be "cute" in a Kid's Room, but personally, I find Them to be creepy... Love the simplicity of the Black Steel STAIR-RAIL and the ARTWORK Arrangement. -- Hmm... I have many Pieces of RHINO Art that would work quite well in a Spot like that.
  • P. 66-71 - Gorgeous DOG! Liking the Architecture, especially with the WINDOWS. And kudos for the use of the "Reclaimed" FUR THROWS and PILLOWS!
  • P. 72-77 - The "Scott Griffin" ARTWORK - intriguing... The Shag "Pouf" - should have stayed in that '60s Time Capsule! BTW, how *much* WATER actually stays INSIDE that Shower? Another Foot or so of Glass Wall would help!
  • P. 112 - Love those GREENS! Want the Briefcase! And, I will have to check out that JOE FRESH STYLE "Moss" Nail Polish...


BTW, SORRY about Yesterday's POST being sooo LATE! There was a LOT to "tweak" with IT, and THEN, the "Coding" went SOUTH on Me! Let's just say...when One really DOESN'T *know* squat
about HTML, having to "figure it OUT" at 3am, is perhaps NOT the most IDEAL Time to LEARN!
However, BE assured, I will NOT be FORGETTING any of the Hard-Earned Knowledge that I have
NOW *Acquired*!!


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