Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Except for the BLOOG-TWEAKING, I really *DIDN'T* get Much "DONE" Today...

...DID I..?!

oh! LOOK! -- THE SUN is "OUT", again!!

ow! *FEEL*! -- IT's FRAKKING-FREEZING, too!!

Needless to say, I stayed-IN! - Besides, I've got "STUFF" to DO... Although, NOT, that I "actually" DID *ANY* of IT! -- And, THIS "BLOOG"-STUFF DOES take *more* Time to do than I'd Like...


"RECORDING" the *BOREDOM*-that-is-My-NON-"LIFE", is *not* as EASY as IT "Reads"!! -- Because, IF IT did, You'd be Skimming over THIS *on* the "29th" and NOT, on WHATEVER-*actual*-Date that I got around to "POSTING" IT!!

HOPEFULLY, the POSTING-"GAP" hasn't widened too much..?! -- But, HERE... Stare at THESE for a bit to make Your "VISIT" worthwhile! -- I'm trying to Build My INVENTORY back up WHENever I can!!



  1. Wishing you a wonderful, productive week. Stay warm!

  2. Are these squares to make into a blanket .. or am I being slow ... ;). Your work looks very even to me.

    1. They're WASHCLOTHS - *My* "design" - yeah, my Tension is usually pretty bang on when it comes to Crocheting. Especially with These.


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