Thursday, January 9, 2014



hmm... Time to break-out the "DIVINING-ROD"-ICE-HOE and LOCATE that Puppy...

That's the UNfortunate "SIDE-EFFECT" of having all of the SNOWBANKS "Withdrawn", the MACHINERY ends up COVERING the GRATE! -- IT can only be *Properly* Cleared BY-HAND!

Thankfully, there was only about a Foot of ICY-SNOW over IT... But, I still had to CHOP the Crap before Shovelling IT. And, the "FLOW"-PATH along the CURB... There are "Rumours" of WARMER TEMPS again..? So, I needed to Trim-Up that Area.

Meanwhile, that Laneway is still a RINK! - I'll need a BLOW-TORCH-Attachment to My ICE-HOE to make any headway on that Stuff... I've even gotten to the Point, where I'm actually "HOPING" that the SALT-SAND-ROAD-POOP from My CAR-TIRES will *maybe* "SOFTEN" the ICE..? -- yeah. right.. I'd have better chances at "winning" a LOTTERY!

ANYHOO, IT was certainly a "Treat" to BACK-OUT of the Laneway with an *UN*obstructive VIEW!! - I could get *used to* THAT sort of Thing! -- However, the ROAD could have used a bit more SCRAPING... "GLACIAL"-REMOVAL leaves *DEBRIS*!

MEANWHILE... I've *FINALLY* Found a "FIX" to My POSTING-PROBLEM!! - YAY! - BUT NOW, I have to play "CATCH-UP" with My BLOOGING! -- hmm... "ICE-CHOPPING" could end up being way LESS *ARDUOUS*!

...just saying...


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