Sunday, January 19, 2014


yep-per! THE SNOW-"CATION" IS *OVER*!! -- And, We're BACK to SUN-*LESS* SUNDAYS!

For Once, getting-UP "late" was pretty much a MOOT Point! - The SNOW-FLURRIES began around 9:30am and didn't look to be Stopping at ANY Time "SOON"!? - Besides, MORE are "Expected" for Tomorrow..? Not that I was "Planning" on going Anywhere, any way...

  • I took My Time to have "BREAKFAST".
  • Read the WEEKEND-NEWSPAPER. - [Didn't get a chance to LAST Weekend!]
  • Finished up Last-Night's LAUNDRY.
  • "SORTED" through and "PACKED" that 2-FOOT-*PILE* of STUFF-ALANCHE-PRINTED-MATTER for Tomorrow's "PAPER-RECYCLING"-DAY - [the OTHER Reason for Tomorrow's Precipitation-Predictions!]
  • yay! It's STOPPED SNOWING!
  • 5:00pm - Time to HIT-The-SHOVELS!

Surprisingly, IT was only a Few-INCHES of DRY-LIGHT-FLUFF! In just over an Hour, I had EVERYTHING Done! -- What ICE that is left out There, I didn't bother with... TEMPS will be Dropping again further into the Week, and What *could* be CHOPPED, has already been!


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