Monday, January 27, 2014

ADRIFT...Across the WIND-Swept...


hmm... I wonder Who that Sliding-Down-the-Road-Black-Trash-Can-Lid belongs to..?

Well, at least IT's **SUNNY** Out!! -- Although, the severe WINDCHILL and *WRONG* Wind-DIRECTION could've been done without!? - Shovelling INTO the Wind, NOT "easy"!

BUT, the SNOW *is* DRY and "LIGHT". Whether *THAT* is a "BLESSING" or not, remains a Subject for "Debate"! --Even though IT *DRIFTS* more readily, IT's still a potential HAZARD in this *SHIFTING*-WIND! - However, just not as WEIGHTY to Handle...


Then again, I suppose that in *some* Way, THESE CONDITIONS are "fitting" for the Day's rather SOMBER "MOOD" around HERE..?

EARLIER, We had received a CALL from ENGLAND regarding the - [inevitable] - Peaceful PASSING of a CLOSE-RELATIVE that We haven't seen in DECADES... But, WHO will *ALWAYS continue* to be greatly *MISSED*!

For once, spending a Couple of Hours SHOVELLING, actually "HELPED"!


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