Friday, January 31, 2014

oh-kaay... so much for THAT "Plan"...


IT's been a "busy" Week, with THIS and THAT... A *RE*-Schedule HERE and a CHANGE of "Plans" THERE..?

And, with TODAY's *NICE*-WARM-SUNNY WEATHER, I had "hoped" to make a little BUS-TRIP across TOWN to take care of some "BUSINESS" that I had *Originally* PLANNED on doing this PAST MONDAY..? - But THEN, FATHER happened to "mention" that My "DESTINATION" often CLOSES *EARLY* on FRIDAYS!

really? -- He couldn't have "ENLIGHTENED" Me about THEIR "HOURS" Last NIGHT..?!
- [I wouldn't have slept-IN!]

I gave "THEM" a CALL... And, sure enough... yep! - THEY were Closing at 4:00, rather than at 6:00...

NUTS! -- *NOW*, I'll have to STAY *HOME* and DO-"Something"-USEFUL!

-- I suppose a bit of LAUNDRY could be in order, seeing as I'm likely to be OVERwhelmed with WEATHER This WEEKEND..?



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