Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Had I Gone "SOLO"...

...I'D HAVE BEEN HOME 2-HOURS *EARLIER*!! - And, with way LESS in the TRUNK!

Whilst MANAGE-DAVE "hid" in His BACKROOM-BURROW, His Merry-MICHAEL'S-MAIDENS were CLEARING away the LAST of the CHRISTMAS-STUFF by way of Filling-up "$2."-GRAB-BAGS. -- THEIR method of "RETAIL-RECYCLING"..?

And, One of MOTHER's Fav Acquisition-Activities - "BIN"-BINGE-ING! -- The GIRLS couldn't pack those BAGS quick enough! By the Time I got back to Her, the CART was *already* FULL!!

Of course, She was going for the ONES that had the "Expensive"-RIBBON in... Actually, She ended up with quite the *BARGAIN*-HAUL with that Stuff! -- SIX-BAGS-plus-the-"CUSTOM"-[THANKS, AMANDA!]-PACKED-One-*LATER*, MOTHER progressed a Few Bins *over* to the "$1.99"-CAKE-STUFF. - [SEE 15JAN2013 POST]

Not all *that* much LEFT! - YET, there were a FEW ITEMS that I hadn't seen LAST Time... Along with THOSE, MOTHER also "Insisted" on getting some OTHERS that I had *already* MENTIONED that I had Acquired **PREVIOUSLY**!

MEANWHILE... The Remaining PATONS-5-BALL-YARN-PACKS are *still* $9.99! -- I picked-up Another ONE of the "CURRANT". ITS *CORAL* Hue goes quite well with MANY of the Other COLOURS.

Besides, *I* had to Buy SOMETHING!!

And, JUST getting THESE TWO BALLS with the "40%-OFF-COUPON", as well as the "2 for $10." DUCT TAPE wasn't gonna "CUT IT"!

A HOUR LATER, We headed off to get GROCERIES! -- Personally, had I been SOLO, I would've done a "RECCE" of *more* of the OTHER STORES... HOWEVER, there was still much left to be Done, that was on MOTHER's "LIST"!

Hope I don't run out of TRUNK-**SPACE**!!

..uh-oh... TOO LATE!!

By the Time We got to THE MALL - for even MORE Food - the BACKSEAT was seeing some "Cargo"-Action!

BTW, have I Mentioned the "ICE-RINK" that is My Laneway and Front Walkway..?

AFTER the SECOND "SLID-TRIP" of UN-Loading The VEHICLE, I *lost* COUNT! - Was *too* BUSY trying NOT to SLIP!! ...IN the -25C "DARK"!

you know... ALL of the COLOURFUL *WIDE* RIBBON, would WORK well as "PATH-MARKERS"!? -- yeah. I'm liking THAT!!


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