Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The CASE of "The *HOT* TOMATO"...!!

We KNEW from the Beginning, that THIS *would* happen AGAIN!  It was tragically inevitable...

Amongst our handful of potted fledgling TOMATO Plants, ONE Container, held the Promise of harvestable Bounty... One pot, two plants. Each bearing almost identical fruit. BOTH, growing in FEAR of the DASTARDLY-DARINGLY-DARTING-DARK Squirrel - *DARTH ROCKY*!!  ...OR, quite possibly, ONE of his MANY Minions -- we're NOT sure....

When MOTHER came across the "CRIME SCENE" this morning, she presumed at first, that, "perhaps", it may have been the result of a Weather related incident..[?] - whence, upon spotting said VICTIM, on one of the Porch steps...  BUT, alas, upon FURTHER "Forensic" examination -- TEETH MARKS, were in Evidence!!

Meanwhile, surprisingly so, NONE of the SUSPECT Rodentia have returned to the Scene of the Crime. Nor, for that matter, been reported to be within the general area.... 

Although....  THIS, rather suspicious-looking Feline-Fauna-of-Interest lurking amongst the Flora was spotted, casing the local Bird-Feeders!

Hidden, about a foot away behind to the left of the SUSPECT, are 2 bird-feeders!

BTW, have I mentioned how much I totally CAN'T stand CATS?!!!  Honestly. I am NOT a "Cat Person"! -- Okay, maybe with the exception of Lions and such. Only cause they're kinda cool. But, "domestic" cats... NO way!!  They just totally creep me out!!

Meanwhile... going to Post this early, as there's this little wandering Thunder system menacing with the Power and I don't want to run OUT of Battery Life on my Computer!!


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