Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"HOLY COW"! -- I actually got Something DONE!

REMEMBER...? Waay back in JULY... [SEE 24JUL2010 Post] -- I was doing up a BLANKET *for* Me, using My *much* COVETED "UMBER" Yarn, and in a New DESIGN that I wanted to try out... Well. Sorry to say, that it's taken Me THIS LONG to get around to PHOTOGRAPHING IT!!

It's just that the "Spot" where I usually used to DO it in, has been over-run with MOTHER's Stuff. And, the LIGHTING *never* seems to be Good, ANYWHERE!!

But, "Pardon Me" for abhoring the very Thought of DISPLAYING *Any* of My "BABIES" on some questionable Clothline or filthy Fence or Whatever Surface-Area-That-I-Would-Never-Touch-Without-Gloves, AS far too many other Photographers and Artisans have a tendency to do!

Seriously, take a good LOOK at some of those Pattern and NeedleArt Books... I've got an old KAFFE one, where this Fantastic ONE-OF-A-KIND-Dry-Clean-Only-And-PRAY-When-You-Do QUILT is HANGING OUT of a Window ONto some MOSS [and I don't want to Know *whatelse*!] COVERED Roof Top!!

It gives Me Nightmares just Thinking about it!

So. Anyhoo... HERE is "HOLY COW" - Done in IVORY and UMBER.

It's actually Larger than it may appear to be - done in My 6x8 Square Size. I wasn't able to lay it down properly. However, if You go on over to My PhotoBucket "RECENT ADDITIONS" Sub-Album - Just CLICK into the HANDMADE BY AUNTIE SHAN Button in The SIDEBAR - There's another Pic, of It covering a Recliner Chair.



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