Sunday, December 19, 2010

...Checking that List... - and more from "ORIGINALS"

My "DAY" :

  • Semi-Sunny and *warmer*!
  • Read the Weekend Papers
  • Shovelled - Ours and MADAME-Q's
  • Laundry - Jeans and socks...
  • Online Stuff
  • Pre-BLOOGing
  • BLOOGing
  • More BLOOGing
  • More CROCHETING...? - There's "something" I want to make FOR Me!
  • Ooooo! *Brownies*!! - MOTHER has the Oven on anyway to warm the Kitchen, might as well MAKE "something", as well...

Meanwhile... BACK to FRIDAY and Our 2nd Visit to the ORIGINALS CRAFT SHOW.

They split the EVENT up on the Monday - a Day OFF for the Full 10-Day People and Time for the New and Old 5-Day VENDORS to switch up. There were about a Dozen and a Half BOOTHS doing that.

The First One to catch Our interest, was the very pregnant and charming young KATKA of KATKALAND! Who, creates THESE whimsical CREATURES...

I especially enjoyed Her Fabulous Fake-FOX STOLES! Fashioned after those Real FOX-FUR PELTS of Decades past...

Actually, I *have* a couple of "antique" Ones
buried in a closet.
-- Anyway, I thought THESE were rather Cute!

KATKA also had a Variety of Small ILLUSTRATIONS that would no doubt complete any Child's Room.

CHECK OUT Her Website at:

Just across the Aisle was DRESSED 'N CASE - with these rather ingenious and absolutely gorgeous Wrap-Dresses-in-a-Bag... Made of a type of "printed" Chiffon, they're Designed to wrap into a Dress Cover-up within Seconds! And, "fold-up" into an attached Pocket-"Purse".

Absolutely PERFECT for any Pool or Beach side situation when You need an instant, light-weight,
and Stylish "COVER" for that discreet dash across a Lobby or Last Minute Luncheon Date...

Have a LOOKSEE at the Website of Designer - KIMBERLY ROSADIUK - at:

Okay... I need to get back to My CROCHET "Time"! And, those BROWNIES!! -- So. "Part 2" of
"Round 2" of ORIGINALS in Tomorrow's POST!

Mmmmm... CHOCOLATE!!


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