Friday, December 24, 2010

YO! NICKY! ...Have You Been Pilfering Through My GIFT STASH..?!

AS, it will probably be LATE by the Time I Post THIS...


Oh, and watch out for the 'DEER *DO*... Those Guys are worse than CANADA GEESE!

Okay. So. I'm in "Shock"... It was glaringly SUNNY Today! And, I *finally* received that
"Important Something" in My MAIL earlier! A big relief that was.

Then, spent most of the Afternoon sending out Holiday E-Mails -- I really don't send actual Cards out that often... Just *KNOW* that I think about ALL OF YOU!! ALL of the Time!!

BTW, FYI, that whole "Christmas Cards" thing, is a HALLMARK "Marketing" Ploy that's gone the Way of ELVIS! -- just saying...

And, since I appear to be stuck on this ICONIC "Commercial" Theme, Time now for a "KODAK Moment"... Here's a PIC of Those "MITTEN" PEOPLE that MAID-MARE made!

I don't know what She calls Them, but They're made from lovely VELOUR Mittens - the Arms are formed from the Thumb part. They also weigh a couple of POUNDS each! Inside is a BAG of sand or whatever..?

Well, I've EVE-y Things to do...

SO. KIDS... Behave. Be Safe. Be HAPPY! And, remember to Look UP when Shoulder Checking - FLYING SLEDS *have* the Right of Way!!


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