Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Much IS The Price of KNOWLEDGE?


That's what it COST Me [Taxes included] to DISCOVER and LEARN, that Standard REFILL Wiper Blades are TOO WIDE for Our "Particular" Vehicle! [..Well, duh! Of course they are!..]

It ALL started Late this Afternoon - [His usual Time to DO Stuff] - when, FATHER, "decided" to have a "look" at that Passenger-side Wiper Blade that has been "not good" for a couple of Weeks now... He had REFILLS, but couldn't get them to "Fit" and wasn't able to "make" them fit, either.

-- REMEMBER - "Elderly", shaky Hand, possessing the "Patience" of a Squirrel on Meth! --

After almost an Hour of Him in the Cloudy, Damp COLD [actually, it's around 0C, but remember the Above] Weather, MOTHER hauled Him inside. Where, He's tried to EXPLAIN to Her about Stuff not fitting and, despite being Mechanically-inclined Herself, there was still a lack of "enlightenment" going on... And, the array of old Blades [from a previous Car], Refills, and Whatnot on the Kitchen Table resulted in more of a Hindrance than a Help!

BTW, I was Downstairs and missing most of this "excitement"....

However, when I did "surface", I took the SITUATION in hand and decided to just GO over to the nearby CANADIAN TIRE STORE. Granted, I've never had to DO this before... But, hey! "Wiper Blades"... how "hard" could it be...?!

Meanwhile, I'm losing Daylight - [I don't drive in the Dark...] - so, just threw on some clothes, grabbed my "purse stuff", and managed to get Green Lights all the way in the Rush Hour Traffic!

ahhh.... Blades, blades, and more blades... Refills... okay..?

Yes. BORED-YOUNG-AUTOMOTIVE-CLERK-GUY.... Show Him Yucky-Blade. Hmm... He's never seen that "TYPE".... [INSERT - Part where I have Laptop Earphone replacement "Flashback"!] - Shows Me Refills... I'm still wary about them... He asks about Year & Model...

- THANK YOU Part-Of-My-BRAIN-That-Actually-"Thinks"-For-Me! - as it controls My Hand to whip out Car Insurance Thing with INFO on it! BYAC-GUY checks His Computer, rambles off Price-Range...

ahhh.... Decisions, decisions, decisions... Refills? Or, go for the Much-More-Costly-Brand-Spanking-New-BLADE - for the Vehicle FATHER keeps talking about Replacing...!? [INSERT - Overwhelming URGE to bang Head on a Steering Wheel!]

I walked out - into the Darkening Evening - with REFILLS in Hand!

Made it back, Safely! Called the House from the Driveway, to say I had returned and would be
"piddling" with Purchase for a little while....

WHAT I've "LEARNED" to do NEXT Time -
  • Remember to bring Flashlight - although, I'm sure, there was one IN the Car.
  • EXAMINE Refill WIDTH against Blade-Bracket-Clip SIZE, whilst still AT Store.
  • So, that it may be RETURNED, without being Opened and LENGTH "Adjusted".

Meanwhile... RAIN - [as in mostly, "Freezing"] - is expected during most of the Day, Tomorrow. CAN'T use Wipers! FATHER is thinking on going to the CAR DEALERSHIP, in hopes that They have the PROPER MODEL REFILLS... Or, Blade...

THE MISSION - To *hope* that They DO and that We can get it Done BEFORE any Precipitation!!

...I'll have to GET up *Early*... crap....


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