Tuesday, December 21, 2010


THE BAD NEWS - It's the "FIRST" Day of WINTER.

THE GOOD NEWS - The DAY "LIGHT" Hours will be Longer!!

However, *not* any less BORING! -- I knew there was a "Catch"....

So. I "Celebrated" SOLSTICE by doing as little as possible. Did a bit of Stock Market "Research" - as IF it actually "Helps"...?! And, worked on Finishing THIS...

It case You're wondering - as I'm sure You are - IT's "suppose" to be one of Those "COWL" Things... It FITS Me - albeit, SNUGLY! ...I sort of needed One anyway. So, I'll be putting it into Service.

Meanwhile, I'm still tweaking the DESIGN... Have to use My Regular YARN too. Make a bit wider...


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