Thursday, December 16, 2010

*MORE* Mag Mail!

IT SURELY, beats getting those *boring* Annual Stock Reports!

Well. I had contemplated about going BACK to the ORIGINALS CRAFT SHOW again, Today... However, got up too late, didn't have access to The CAR at the proper Time, and oh... the Weather Predictions were a tad "iffy".

So. Stayed HOME. Did My "now" usual Hour of SHOVELLING - wasn't much, but needed to be tidied up in places, as did MADAME-Q's. It saves Me from *much* grief Later WHEN We get DUMPED on again!

Afterward, tossed a Laundry Load into The Machine and then, went looking for Bargains at The STOCK MARKET... Didn't find any... A Good Thing, perhaps..?? Seeing as everytime I BUY Something, its Value takes a HIT!!

Whatever.... Time to check out that MAG!

STYLE AT HOME - February 2011

  • P. 10 - Very cool Lamp! Looks like an upside-down Light Bulb... But where's the Power Source?
  • P. 25-28 - Just a tad too "busy" with the PRINTS, except for the Pillows. Love the ERIN ADAMS Knobs and Pulls from DUVERRE. And I'm getting that Lusty Feeling over the ANDREW MORGAN Merino Wool Throws! Nifty Bar Stools!
  • P. 36 - Yesterday's MAG had a "Thing" on FEATHERS too... However, These are much more elegant.
  • P. 38-43 - Nice Kitchen, but waay too much WHITE going on!
  • P. 44-48 - And This One, a bit over on the BLACK. Although, the Black&White GLASS TILE "Piano Key" Back Splash is an intriguing touch..
  • P. 50/52 - On their own, the Pieces in this Hallway are exquisite. But, crowded like this... it just feels overwhelmingly "Thick"...?
  • P. 54 - Outright GARISH! Despite some of the wonderful "Individual" Items. They pretty much LOST Me with the Circus Striped Wallpaper and Ruffled-Edged Silk Drapes COMBO! -- Excuse Me while I take a moment to Cringe!
  • P. 70-79 - Overall, if I was wanting a "Cottage", this is totally in My "Tastes" Range! Even the more "refined" Pieces have a comforting and relaxed warmth to them.
  • P. 80-87 - Fabulous Furniture. However, the surrounding Palette and many of the accompanying Accessories are Blinding!
  • P. 88-97 - Definitely, "Quebec Country". High end. I like the Bed.. And, the super "Spiderweb" Window.
  • P.98-103 - Great Kitchen, despite all that WHITE again.


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