Monday, December 6, 2010

Binged on Brian

IT SNOWED Overnight... but just a wee bit. Just an inch of a "dusting" of Dry Flakes... Spent an hour cleaning up Our Laneway and across the Street at MADAME-Q's. The "direction" of the Wind was a tad bothersome though - opposite of what I needed it to be, at the Time...

Got another *new* MAG in The MAIL! However, I'm going to save it for Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Today, I decided to hop onto a BUS and take another run at THE BIG MALL. On My own.

MOTHER and I, had tentative "Plans" to go There Tomorrow - rumours about some "Seniors' Day...?" thing - however, "other" Things are going on around Here that may possibly nix "The Schedule". -- And, there was Stuff that I wanted to check out. So, I went with the pre-emptive Back-up Plan.

NOTE TO SELF: Next Time, leave EARLIER. Take the CAR and/or Bring SHERPAS!

My primary Destination - THE BAY. I wanted to get more of those "on sale" GLUCKSTEIN HOME Christmas Ornaments. Some FOR Me this Time! And, a couple of more for SISTER, too...

Hmm...The Store Elves have been moving Things around since Saturday... It took Me a few minutes to FIND the Creatures. And the Lighting in parts of That Area, aren't so helpful. Anyway, after a good 15 minutes, I finally *decided* on which Ones to get!  And, tossed in a couple of them Shiny Ones as well!

Next, I wandered over to the BED LINENS Section... According to one of The Store's recent E-Mail Alerts, there was this "One-Day Only" Sale on some

--"$50."  600 Thread Count PILLOWCASES for $10.!!

Okay. A NO-Brainer on BRIAN's Stuff there!
-- I bought a few...

Hey, Everyone *needs* Pillowcases! And, it *was* a GOOD Price. -- Hmm.. They would make a great Gift [amongst others] for BROTHER & TheMRS.

At this point, it was Time to Find FOOD! Afterall, I did sort of skip Lunch, wait in the Cold for the BUS, walk a ways to the Other Bus StopWAIT around in the COLD for the BUS, frivolously SPEND Money... Yeah, there was a definite "Growl" waiting to HAPPEN! And, the Tastebuds were just hankering for a SUBWAY "Foot Long"!

Ate HALF. Saved the Rest for Dinner...

Quickly perused several more Retailers. Popped into the BOOKSTORE... Had a 25% Off Coupon. Been wanting to have a Read at that "CASTLE" Novel - HEAT WAVE. -- oh, why not?

Afterward, maneuvered through BOWRING... Those GLASS SLIPPERS were half-price... And, hey, *another* Sale! -- Niece-THE MOM collects SHOE Ornaments....

By the Time I finished there, I was working on being totally POOPED! And, the Lower Back was getting to be troublesome... My CLUE to start heading Home!

And, 15 Minutes later, I was! -- NOW, I see only "vegging", My regular Monday Night Hunk-a-Thon TV viewing of HAWAII FIVE-0 and CASTLE, the Posting of the Bloog, and, CROCHETING in My Future! -- It's up to You Guys to figure out in *which* order?!



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