Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wait...Is It True...? I *Don't* Have To Shovel Today??

WOOHOO!!! Happy Dance!!

However, the momentary break in the "Attack of the White Fluffy Stuff" is primarily due to the present DROP in Temperatures. I think My WindCHILL was running around -25C earlier... But, the lovely glaring SUNLIGHT does help in diverting One's attentions away from that whole "freezing" Their A$$ets OFF...!

Speaking of Diversions... managed to escape Shovel-Camp with a quick trip to THE BIG MALL and COSTCO.

I had *hoped* that COSTCO would be a little less hectic - seeing as it was in the middle of the Week... Yeah! DREAM ON! -- Hey, check it out... They've installed that Seasonal "NO-One-Knows-HOW-To-PARK-When-The-Lines-Are-Snow-Covered" Amusement Attraction!

Then again, that whole having to shov--I mean PUSH - My Shopping Cart through 3 inches of sloppy snow that threatened to fracture the - although protected - violently vibrating EGGS, was one minor ordeal that I could have done without! -- I'm just not a Fan of EGGNOG...

Next stop -- YES! Thank You, PARKING LOT FAIRY for the Perfect Parking Spot! -- THE BIG MALL, there was Banking to be done... Where, I ran into an old [She around 90 now!] FORMER "BOSS"!

After that encounter, had Stuff to Mail, and just did a speedy non-purchase loop around the Place.... The "aisles" in BOWRING appear to have widened. I guess "Sales" have been good..? And, MALL SANTA was actually wandering around His huge "Workshop", waiting for Wishful Waifs.

Then, it was straight Home, so that the ELDERLY PARENTAL UNITS could get Their "Escape" done!

Meanwhile, I had My Online Stuff to do and, My long-OVERDUE November Issue of COUNTRY LIVING to check out! -- I've been wondering WHEN That was going to show up! It had been 4 weeks since I had called up about it being MIA. In fact, I had thought about giving Them another call Today, if it hadn't shown up.

Anyway, let's see if it was WORTH the Wait?!

COUNTRY LIVING - November 2010

  • P. 30-31 - "FAIR-ISLE" Garments... I rather like that Dress. If only, it would look so *good* ON Me!
  • P. 34 - COAT-TREES that actually look like Trees. Difficult to decide which One I like Best.
  • P. 39-40 / 135 - I haven't seen These in Ages! PIE-BIRDS!
  • P. 47 - BRANCH-SLICE COASTERS - Another one of those Great Ideas that I could probably do with some of that Backyard "Vegetation" that FATHER insists on disposing of as YARD WASTE! -- I'd really like to make WOODEN BUTTONS one of these days...
  • P. 77 - I *WANT* THESE!! *MOST* of These! ...I could do without that Orange TEAPOT and a couple of those Bowls... But, **ALL** of the BLUE & WHITE DISHWARE **STAYS**!! And, the SET with the SHIPS...
  • P. 78-85 - A very quaint and wonderfully eclectic Home.
  • P. 92-97 - YARN! And, PRE-Yarn Creatures...
  • P. 98-109 - Very "ECO" and all That, but I still hate the Wallpaper! Like those Triangle-Patterned RUGS though. And, the Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island, the Ginger-Jar Lamp, the Blue Wall-Panels in the Bathroom...



THIS is What I made Him right after He was Born -- to match His Sister's One...


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