Friday, December 10, 2010


SINCE, Today was just another one of those CHILLY-not-so-Sunny uneventful Days, spent Online for *most* of the Time, there's really NOTHING to BLOOG about! -- So, I'll be getting with
"PART 2" of those more "exciting" Moments of YESTERDAY's Encounters at "The 36th ORIGINALS" OTTAWA CHRISTMAS CRAFT SALE...

...And there We were, still wandering down that Back Row, past the FOOD VENDORS, when I gazed into a BOOTH and saw this Big Sign: JUST B

-- You know, one of the "Fun" things about these type of Showsand even Online - is coming across really great and rather catchy, "Business" Names! Many People don't realize that quite often, One's "Name" can be a HUGE chunk of Their "MARKETING"!! - If Customers don't
"remember" You, They move ON... --

Anyhoo, ANNE "B"URSEY was standing there all by Her lonesome, eager to SELL Her lovely WARES, as I commented...
"Just *B*..?"
"Yep. JUST 'B'."
Which, BTW, was for Her Surname... From there, enlightening Conversation ensued!

ANNE had a colourful array of BAGS and had turned "recycled" Sweaters that had been FELTED into cozy THROWS. You can CHECK OUT Her Site at:

And, She does "Home Parties" too! So, have a Looksee...

We had lingered in that ROW longer than planned, so had to quicken the pace slightly!

Lots of Booths with BAUBLES... More BAGS... Competing Jewellers... Pottery People... HATS, and more HATS... Actually, more "Decor" type Gift Items than outright "Christmas" ones...

Oh, finally! A Booth that I had been LOOKING for - TIN HOUSE DESIGNS

As some of You *might* RECALL, back in September - [SEE 17SEP2010 Post] - I picked up a couple of awesome FRAMED TIN TILES for an extremely *low* Price... THEY originated from TIN HOUSE DESIGNS, however, at the Time, I was unable to locate Their "size" on the Website. Although, I did notice that THD would be at This SHOW...

Long Story Short - My TILES were $55. a piece! -- WooHoo, Cha-Ching!!

Moving on... One last ROW to do.

Soaps... Bags... Bathroom break for MOTHER whilst I chatted with charming Slightly Older Model-Boat-Building-Kits Guy... Jewelry... Bags... Pottery... Baubles... More Bags... REAL Fur! [hate Faux!] Leather... Hats... Bags..-WHOA! Hold on..

hmmm... weird Bags... U.S.E.D. BAGS...  *cool*!

Hey, Kids! MEET TREVOR!!

And, His *awesome* BAGS! All RECYCLED! -- CHECK OUT His SITE at:

Dig into IT and READ all about Him and BETTY, His *Super* MOM! -- Although, Priced about the same as most Leather Bags, unlike them, These are great Gift Ideas for that "Eco"-Auto Fan on Your "LIST"! Not to mention, *durable*!

And what Guy would say "NO" to a CAR-PART Computer/"Man" BAG? Huh?

We finally made Our way OUT around 3-ish... And, undecided on where to venture next - I really *didn't* want to get stuck in RUSH HOUR Traffic! -- Okay.. We'll TRY to get to PIER 1 IMPORTS. It's on the Route Home - *IF* - I can get over to the Proper Lane later, We'll give it a shot...

WOW! That was SCARY! Except for *one* little expected "Slowdown", the Journey was froth with Green Lights and CLEAR sailing! There goes any Lottery "Luck" I might have had... A good thing that I DON'T have a Ticket!

Hmm. Maybe it was that SNOW-BOW..? [Looks like a RAINBOW, but is formed from ICE Crystals/Mist rather than RAIN Drops] -- I spotted it when We were leaving the Craft Show Building.

So. Tons of Shiny STUFF at PIER 1 IMPORTS. Eventually, settled on THESE. The BALLOON-ANIMAL
ROCKING HORSE is actually a Metal-Glazed Ceramic. And, the BIRD is Clip-On Tree Ornament.

Oh, BTW... Made an interesting little FYI Discovery There...

Almost a Year ago - and, last Time I had been There actually - They had these fabulous STAGHORN CORAL LAMPS. Surprisingly, REAL Coral - *not* in RESIN as I had initially "assumed" - in the $149. range... And, if I had had the place and money for them, I would have [and probably should have] gotten One! However, I had put the Item on My "To-Some-Day-Get" LIST...

Then, during the Summer, One of the "DECOR" Mags and One of the "Name" DESIGNERS had
"featured / mentioned" Them... Pretty much the Kiss-of-Fashion-Death and/or Ever-Getting-Them, right there! So, imagine My "surprise" when I spot TWO of Them on a shelf...?

Ah. Look. $195. *now*! No shock there... Wait... Why are They EXACTLY alike..? -- Oh, "RETAIL DEMAND"! Gotta LUV it!! -- The damn Things are RESIN, now!! Huh, wonder *when*/*why* THAT happened?!!

DEFINITELY, *should* have gotten One, BEFORE! Oh, well... I wasn't crazy about the Original SHADE, anyway!



  1. Wow trev looks good doesnt he??you sure its him??hehe tinkx

  2. Hi Aunti Shanon! Thanks for featuring me on your blog. and for posting a photo. Best wishes to you in the New Year and Happy Knitting! Anne


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