Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Believe. That. I. Have. "Figured"...

IT. *OUT*...!!

Have You *ever* WONDERED how it is, that every time "Someone" FINISHES clearing up Their Laneway - after 2 Hours of Work - The EVIL SNOW-PLOW GUY just "happens" to come whipping
up the Road and, FILLS IT UP AGAIN..?!!

Dashboard-Mounted Fortune-Telling SNOW GLOBES!

Yep. Just like a "Crystal Ball" and better than YouTube!

Meanwhile, around some Corner down the Road, there's BUDDY just sitting real comfy in his PLOW "Cab"... Got the Heater on high, munching on his POUTINE - [IF You don't know what it is, then You're healthier for it! Think: the Canadian "Why Yes, I would like Fries with My Heart Attack!" Version of Australia's "Vegemite"] - as he gazes over the rolled up Rim on his third TIM's to checkout the progress going on in the dozen or so Magic Snow Globes on his Dash....

"hmmm... forget SNOW-BLOWER GUY... That Brain-Trust is already wearing his Driveway Snow! EVIL SIDEWALK-PLOW GUY can have him... Oh! Hey! It looks like that crazy old SHOVELS-IN-STORMS LADY has ju-ust finished... Now, if I can just sneak behind these skidding cars going by and keep the Sun behind me...

Crap! SHE spotted me... "


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