Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Back to "IT"

AFTER, spending the better part of the Day taking My Stock Portfolio on a little Shopping
"Spree" - some "Investments" had finally become "liquid", enabling Me to "RE"invest them *elsewhere*... - I decided that I *should* get AT My TO DO GIFT LIST!

Besides, the Blanket for LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED - which I *still* have to dig out the Colours for! - I thought that I should take another "look", at the PATTERN CHARTS that I had previously sketched out for PRINCESS PRE-TEEN. *Inspired* to have a go at it from a different Perspective, I've at last come up with a *new* DESIGN!

She wanted THESE Colours - NOT *My* particular favourite "combo", but, it IS Her Blanket... And, it *had* to have a PEACE SIGN! Again, not My first choice... WHEN, *I* was Her AGE back "THEN", I had always felt that ITS use was being Fashionably OVER-DONE!

But, hey, it's *what* The COOL KIDS are INto these Days...

Anyway... it took Me a while to FIND the Yarn! I couldn't remember WHERE I had put the BROWN! It took at least two Exploratory DIGS into THE ROOM to Locate it!!
-- Alas, SUCCESS!! And, NOW, I *must* GET started!


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