Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Queuing up for Bank-A-THON...

AT LEAST, that was what it FELT like after WAITING in Line for almost a Half Hour!!


The BANKS have been CLOSED for 4 DAYS in this Country because of The Holidays.
It's "Pension" Cheque Day.
Too *many* People having to be doing Their ENTIRE Year's "banking", Today!
And, there are ONLY 2 TELLERS??!!

After, My TWO MINUTES of "business", MOTHER and I finished up with the remainder of Our TOUR of THE BIG MALL's post-Boxing-Day-Shopalypse Aftermath...

Found a lovely CHARCOAL Merino Hooded Cardigan-Wrap at THE GAP. Even with the Discounts, it was probably more than I should have been spending on Something that I don't know *when* I'll ever Wear... But, it really WAS nice, and I have a "thing" for Merino!

Meanwhile, there was still MORE "on sale" ORNAMENTS at THE BAY!

The BIRDS are MOTHER's and the GLASS BULBS are Mine!


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  1. We want a pic of the gap wrap!!!hugs tinkx


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