Saturday, December 25, 2010

..ewww... GLITTER-"Pollen"!

IT. GETS. **EVERYWHERE**!!! -- Don't ask!!

SISTER had used this rather lovely Gift-Wrap PAPER - good quality, heavy, striped with GLITTER - to enclose the absolutely delicious Box of FERRERO Rondnoir Chocolates She had given Me... The SHINY shedding particles were as fine as Baking Soda! And, possessed Static-Cling Super Powers!

So, the GOOD Thing about the cellophane wrappings on the BOX, it prevented any Moisture from getting IN, and kept the GLITTER OUT!

The BAD Thing about the cellophane wrappings on the BOX, it attracted the GLITTER like a Magnet! I had to use DAMP paper towels to REMOVE it!

You know...
GLITTER in Nail Polish -- Fine.
GLITTER in Glue -- Okay.
SHINY BUGS in Tree Sap -- Yeah, I suppose, if it's a few Million Years Old.
However, feeling like I'm IN a bad Episode of "CSI: DisneyWorld" -- Not so pleasant. That Sparkly Powdered Crap is a pain to remove from My Finger Prints!

Anyway... Moral of this Complaint: Loose GLITTER - BAD.... CHOCOLATES - YUMMMM!!!

BTW, speaking of Sibling Gifts... Here's WHAT SISTER did with those ORNAMENTS that I gave Her...

She just Loves doing "Decor" VIGNETTES!!



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