Sunday, December 12, 2010


SOMETIMES... as I arduously PUSH My Shovel - [praying that I don't SNAP the dampening Wooden Handle] - against the Inches of heavy SLUSH, watching it thickly curl off the Scoop, I WONDER - what would it all look like IF I were to ADD some Colour...? - Think SNOW-CONES! --  ANYTHING, to break up the GREYING former WHITE!

And, trying NOT to get My Boots WET! Or, SLIP on any hidden ICE... Not to mention, stepping into any innocent looking Snow-covered Puddles....

BTW, it's been FREEZING RAINING on and off ALL DAY!! And, is suppose to CONTINUE through the Night and Tomorrow... Oh, and if You HAVEN'T figured it out yet -- I *HATE* RAIN!! 

Not that I'm all slap-happy about SNOW, either! However, when stuck with the Choice, I'll take it over FREEZING RAIN *any* time! A least it can be seen. Or, made into "something"! Or, bring
"JOY" to young, unsuspecting Children...

So, I was out there for over an Hour... The Lower BACK was beginning to strain a tad from pushing against the Wet Concre--I mean Slush. Thankfully, once back INSIDE and settled out, I received a "pain-relieving" E-Mail from FAIRY-T!!

Ahhh... *JUST* "Who" The AUNTIE needed!!

And, from there, much CROCHETING commenced...

Anyway, just to spruce up Today's bleakness - a Pic... One of the other GLUCKSTEIN HOME Christmas Ornaments that I picked up Last Week.


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