Sunday, December 5, 2010

As My SISTER would say...

"...O..M.G.! Is that SOME Cute or WHAT?!!.."

Which, is WHY I purchased THIS for Her - Yesterday - as a Christmas Gift! -- DON'T TELL HER!

And, as I was photographing IT earlier, I realized, that "Yes, it is. Isn't it?"... AND, it had been "on sale", too! I should have gotten One as well. -- I hope the Weather is good Tomorrow, I "may" have to find "an excuse" to go BACK to the Store to get a couple more FOR Me!! IF there are ANY Left!

I also, picked up THIS Glittered up GLASS PINE CONE for SISTER. For Her WHITE / SILVER TREE - She usually has a TREE in just about every room in Her House!

And apparently, Her Daughter - THE MOM - has inherited that particular Arboreal Decor

However, SISTER will have only *3* This Year since The Kids won't be visiting.

Anyway, BOTH Items are part of the GLUCKSTEIN HOME Collection at THE BAY.

So... We had started Yesterday's potential "Adventures" on the later side - Noonish... We noticed in the Saturday FLYERS, that MICHAEL'S had a 15% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE Sale going on, from 9:00 until 1:00 - IF, We "hurried", We just "might" make it...? -- [INSERT - Doubtful Eyebrow Lift]

Thankfully, I got several Green Lights to make up for the "-ISH" part being "12:15"... Which, almost became a Moot Point, when We encountered the TRAFFIC getting INTO the MICHAEL'S Parking Lot. It appears that the newly *opened* SAIL Store [a Canadian Outdoors Equipment Superstore] is just beyond it... The first "wave" of SAILors were blocking the difficult to spot Entrance to Our Destination.

I put MOTHER "on the Clock", as I whipped through the Establishment in search of Stuff that I really didn't need, either! She found a couple of little Ornaments and I got IN LINE. Then, once at The CHECKOUT, the They're-All-SO-Perky CLERK "mentions" that The Store has decided to EXTEND
"The Sale" for the ENTIRE Weekend!!

Huh. NO One could have SAID something sooner...?? -- I dumped the Tiny Bag into The CAR, whilst MOTHER made a "pit-stop" before We both proceeded with Round TWO... A half Hour later, all We got was some more SCRAPBOOKING SHEETS for Her and more of THESE little NOTEBOOKS for Me.

Succeeded in making it across the BUSY Roadway, and through the twisting Parking Passages of TRAINYARDS to get to the WALMART - seeing as We were THERE.

Discovered a lovely soft Shell-Pink hued BALL of YARN. I believe it's part of that Colour Set that I acquired Last Week. Only got one, and a few of the PALE YELLOW. I don't have a "Name" for the Pinkish One yet, but I think I'll be using it on LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED's Blanket.

On the way out, We were given a few Packages of FREE Feline Food SAMPLES for SISTER's Cats...

Then, it was off back toward THE BIG MALL - MOTHER wanted to check out the CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS at THE BAY... Which, was where We acquired the Top-of-the-Bloog Items.

Actually, as Holiday-Saturday crowded as the Place was, it was surprisingly LESS than I had expected. - A GOOD Thing. - MOST, I observed, appeared to be engaged in the oft times futile educational practice of "Patience" whilst awaiting Their dubious Audiences with "SANTA"...

BTW, those hapless HELPERS and ELVES should be Paid more!

After an Hour or so there, We headed to THE MALL. I had wanted to make a stop at PIER ONE, but
Time was fleeting. I'll try to get there some time THIS Week, if I can...

Ended up spending more Time chatting with Our MALL "Friends" than getting any actual shopping
done! The Sun was long down by the Time We returned Home.... However, there was one Task that needed to be accomplished.

For some while now, FATHER has been in *need* of a new "Plastic" [because He prefers them] WATCHBAND. During of such, I have been in an on going Search for the proper Size. At last, I found one at WALMART that would suffice, as His "current" one was on its last "arms"!

It's fortunate, that I'm "used" to doing CLOSE-UP and FINE Work... As it took Me a good 20 Minutes or so, to PRY off the Old Decaying BAND - without damaging the PINS! I still NEEDED Them!

Meanwhile, thoughts of formulating a viable Business Plan for a Cloning Facility began to slowly
germinate as I SCRAPED the encrusted "DNA" away... A Metal-Bristle Toothbrush would have been useful! -- Next, there was some "trimming" on the Loop Ends to make it all FIT... A 2-minute Time-Out to FIND one of the PINS that had escaped! -- Those "Springs" really can go the

Anyway, HOPEFULLY, This BAND will survive at least a Year! Merry Christmas, FATHER!

So, that was YESTERDAY! As for TODAY... pretty much Blooging THIS between a couple of Loads of LAUNDRY! -- I was running out of Socks...

Okay. I hear My HOOKS calling Me....


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