Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow?... Really?!

WELL, at least that's the "Prediction" for TONIGHT! ...Not a "lot" - or, so *THEY* say - but, still... come, onnnn... Rumour has it, that We already broke the "DAY's" Record for RAIN! -- Which, I believe, has STOPPED... for now... However, throwing SNOW - even just a few Flakes - on TOP of all that Wetness Everywhere...?

"Hello?", SKATING RINK ROADS! -- There's STUFF that *I* WANT TO DO Tomorrow!! And NOT, in crappy Weather getting cut-off by Holiday-Shopping-Drivers who learned to do so on their GAME-BOYs! Dealing with their DEMOLITION-DERBY Shopping Carts "skills" [and/or lack thereof!] is already MORE than enough for Me, Thanks!

[INSERT - "..bahh! Humbug!..." SOUNDBITE]

So, another Day spent trolling through CYBER-SPACE...Took care of some "Paperwork". Renewed a Subscription. Uploaded some Pics.... Yay! The STOCK MARKET was UP! -- This is WHAT supplements the YARN BUYING! ...AND, Tonight's small LOTTERY *WIN*!

WooHoo!!  ABOUT Time!

Also, picked up another new TWITTER Follower... Here, checkout Their SITE - 100 MILE FINDS - I'm kind of liking THIS...



DR. F-G is an old Sci-Fi Clubbing Friend of a couple-plus Decades! And, yes, She really IS a
"Doctor"! - Ph.D. - Also, a Professor. It's been too many Years since We've had a chance to
"hang out" - which, I truly MISS! However, She IS living a lot closer to Me now. Only a couple of Hundred Miles away, rather than the Thousands... So... Who knows...?


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