Saturday, December 4, 2010

So...Can I Get Fries With That...?

GONNA try to make THIS Posting "Short", because there's CROCHETING to be DONE and, I'm IN the MOOD!!

And then, there's the Part where TODAY wasn't really anything "Special", anyway... As usual, I primarily spent MUCH Money on a Bunch of Useless Little Things - I'll do Pics Tomorrow - and, on those KRILL [the Fish that "Fish Oil" Fish and some Whales eat...] OIL Capsules that I take - which, aren't cheap, either!

Oh, and of course, "The YARN"... -- Hey! I was running Low on YELLOW.

Anyhoo... We "survived" the First - of too many to come - December-Saturday-Holiday-Shopping Excurion! -- BTW, even Scarier... I *got* GOOD Parking! -- And THEN, when I get Home and settled - [AFTER another "little" Task which can also wait to be retold Tomorrow] - I go Online to DISCOVER...


That CANADIAN COUPON MOM had graciously Added Me to Her "LIST"! And as well, wrote a really Sweet COMMENT! -- WOW!!


You All can get MORE "Details" on all of THIS at Her Recent POSTING here:

Also, be sure to CHECK OUT the Rest of HER BLOG too!!

Okay... I've got a BLANKET to GET at!


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