Thursday, December 23, 2010

Reindeer Pre-Flight Check...

MAIL is like The LOTTERIES... You WIN some and You LOSE some....

Still WAITING on Something IMPORTANT to *Arrive*, which is a Week LATE! -- Not a Good Thing... However, We DID receive some GREAT Mail Today - the Christmas PARCEL from My BROTHER, "SGT.DOC" and His lovely New Wife, "MAID-MARE"!

The SANTA BROACH is one of M-M's Creations... There was also a couple of Her "Mitten" People for MOTHER [Pics of Those - Tomorrow]. Also, got a GIFT CARD for the Store where I get My FACTORY ENDS from... [*Happy Dance!*] -- Looking forward to *using* THAT!

Meanwhile, We ventured OUT Today... I had figured that it would be a tad less Hectic than what Tomorrow promises to be! Imagine My *surprise* to discover that I was CORRECT! -- COSTCO was actually almost "Civilized"!


From There, We headed to one of Our other Regular Grocery Haunts... Next door was a MARK'S WORK WAREHOUSE - I still needed the Proper LACES for My Boots. The temporary Ones I'm using at the moment are a bit too long, thin, slippery, and stretchy... I figured that THIS would be the Place to FIND exactly WHAT I was looking for.

And yes, the SHOPPING GODS were looking out for Me!

The STORE was near empty of Customers WHEN I first walked in - [They were later "transported" in FRONT of Me at the CHECKOUT!].... HELPFUL-YOUNG-GUY-SALES-CLERK escorted Me right to where I needed to be!

Ahh... choice, choice, choice.... However, none of THOSE hanging on The Racks were precisely *what* I wanted. Nuts! -- hold on... That Pair that's lying on the bottom of the Display, appears to be promising from a distance... doesn't look quite as Shiny as the Others... A CLOSER examination is in order.


Having a CINDERELLA-BABY-BEAR Moment here! Proper Length, proper Thickness, proper Material, the ONLY ONE There!! -- ZEN-SHOPPING!


And, speaking of which... Later, when We got to THE MALL... I'm about to fill in My LOTTERY Sheet, when the nearby Apparently-Lonesome-MALL-SANTA walked over to "CHAT" Me up!

NOT SO LONG STORY SHORT - My Numbers DIDN'T come out This Evening! So much for that Good-Luck-SANTA-"Hug"! Seriously, the only Person who got "Lucky" was the "Loser" in the RED SUIT!

Serves Me right, I suppose... The Part where I never did get any CANDY from Him, should have been My *first* Clue! -- "Next" Time, I *USE* the LACES!! ...I've always been GOOD with KNOTS...


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  1. Anything to get a huggle from a guy in a red suit hehe love tinkx


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