Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FLASH-FREEZE! - The Fluffy Fat Flakes of Flurry

ahh...Another Chapter of "WINTER-WONDERLAND-WICKEDNESS"!!

Remember Last Night's "cute" Cotton-Candy-esque Christmasy-ness..?? ...yeah, well... Sprinkle a few Hours of RAIN on IT, pull the Plug on the TempsADD a 4-INCH-Layer of SNOW, YO-YO the Temps a little more for that ICY GLAZE, and VOILA!!

NOT *so* palatable, "BAKED ALASKA"!

-- OH!! Wait! I forgot about the Part where EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY did the TRIM-WORK... Must have Slipped My Mind in the 2-Hours of -21C Windchill ICE-MINING!!

Well. There went My **PLANS** for World-Domina...I mean, some Solo-Shopping! -- oh, well... It's suppose to be SUNNY Tomorrow anyway. However, just on the FRIGID "NORMAL" Seasonal side!! -- Gonna need LOTS of Sweaters!

And, perhaps, take the Opportunity to Field-Test My LATEST "Project"... IT's a combo EARMUFF-NECK-WARMER... IT's also FOLDED over.

Whatever... THIS ONE is for ME!!

- SEE 23DEC2011 POST -

 For YARN "Details"..


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  1. I really like this! Your own pattern? It looks soooo cozy!


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