Thursday, November 22, 2012



ANYHOO... IT was a Lovely Day... SUNNY. Not too COLD... So, of course, I Slept-"IN"! As a Result, We didn't get OUT to SHOP-FARI until the Afternoon.

And then, MOTHER comes up with a Certain LAST MINUTE "Errand" in the OPPOSITE Direction of Our *FLIGHT*-PLAN... Which, ended up being a bit of a Bust and Waste of TIME! LUCKILY, We managed to get AHEAD of the RUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC on the way to TRAINYARDS!

Went to WALMART First. - I had intended to go the Other Day, but had RUN OUT of Daylight... THIS Time, We loaded up on GROCERIES. AND, I ended up *FORGOTTING* about "WHAT" I had wanted to CHECK-OUT over There in the FIRST PLACE! -- nuts!

WHILE the SUN was still TOPSIDE, We popped on over to MICHAEL'S... huh. Those "HOLIDAY" BOXES - [6 for $10.] - weren't THAT Low the Other Day..? - Neither was the - [$4.] - DUCT-TAPE... NO Wonder that there *AREN'T* That many LEFT!!

Some CHRISTMAS STUFF was also ON-SALE... MOTHER had stumbled onto the GINGERBREAD-MEN RIBBON for just over a DOLLAR! - I found the REINDEER One next to IT...

ahh... **MORE** BOXES to find "SPACE" *for*!! -- But hey, I was kinda Smittened with the ZEBRA-Striped-STUFF! - oh. and yeah. I got a BALL of YARN too!

My TRUNK was *FULL*! We headed HOME...


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