Friday, September 24, 2010

..Preppy Perusing...

DESPITE My intentions to go OUT -Today - and tend to various Grocery needs, FATHER insisted on bearing that Task with MOTHER, instead. -- He LIKES to get OUT of the House - with HIS Car... Seeing as, MOTHER and I have slightly different PLANS for Tomorrow regarding the USE of said Vehicle!

It'll likely be a quick STOP&SHOP at a Church Bazaar, and then, off to the NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW. A semi-annual Event, currently being housed over at LANSDOWNE PARK. Thankfully, the next SPRING SHOW will be back Downtown at the newly RE-built OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE. That had always been a *much* NICER and, larger Venue. It's also attached to the RIDEAU CENTRE MALL...

Anyway, We like to go for the FREE STUFF! Sample the Foods... TRY to Win the GIFT BASKETS... Maybe do the odd bit of NETWORKING when ever the opportunity arises. Oh, and then, there's the giant FALL FLEA MARKET going on in one of the Other PARK Buildings. Usually more over-priced "Antiques" over there, but, at least IT'S FREE Admission! -- NWS is a bit on the high side considering the Current Location.

Occasionally, I get lucky and find the odd Curio to add to My plethora of Collections... As I recall, I acquired a couple of lovely Amethyst HAZELWARE "Colony" Bowls at the earlier SPRING FLEA MARKET. -- I believe They have it at the SAME Time as the NWS to keep The GUYS "busy" with
"The Kids".

Whatever, it promises to be a LOOONG Day!!

Meanwhile, Today, I caught up with some CyberWork. Checked out the Happenings over on TWEETSVILLE. And, did some "research"...

Remember the BUTCHER-BLOCK TABLE/CART from last Saturday that I purchased for $5.? Well, My suspicions were correct! It IS an IKEA Piece - $59.99!

Here's what it looks like unpainted.

I also spent time, perusing My DIGITAL Copy of the November STYLE AT HOME - should get the HARD Copy early Next Week. Was seeing a Lot of CHAIRS in There...

However, it DID give Me some Colour/Design inspiration!

There was a ROOM, done up in BLACK, WHITE, and RED...  The "LINES" in the Space steered Me toward using My "LATTICE-PLAID" PATTERN.  As well, a lot of the PRE-Holiday Decor was sporting a WHITE and TURQUOISE mix, along side of the Traditional WHITE and RED.

Here's WHAT I came up with!



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  1. You're doing this on purpose arent you?? tinkx


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