Friday, October 1, 2010

It's FRIDAY -- Guess Which DISNEY "Dwarf" I Am?!


Granted, just a very mild one, but still... I have one. I can't remember the last time I did so... My "guess" on the CAUSE - after being subjected to the Large Pressing CROWD of WOMEN last Saturday, with their various "Fragrant" Products and, the many VENDORS also hawking such Wares... I suspect that My IMMUNITIES had been weakened.

I suffer from a number of Chemical "Sensitivities", along with My Asthma. Throw in the rest of that exhausting day, other possibly "infected" People, the dreary damp Weather... Something was bound to HAPPEN! And then, there was that unusually HIGH Humidity on Tuesday... THAT, I believe was the CATALYST!

All that MOIST air I was inhaling. Just one WRONG Germ and I was done for! It was Wednesday Morning when I awoke to the SORE Throat...

Anyhow, NOW, it's just running through its paces. The sore throat part is done. I'm currently into the semi-stuffy slightly drippy ticklish-need-to-sneeze Sinuses... Haven't taken anything for it, other than My regular Asthma Meds and more VITAMIN C and fluids. As I said, it's MILD. Should be done with by this Time NEXT Week. No big deal.

Besides, the UPSIDE... It's given Me SOMETHING to BLOOG about!!

Meanwhile, I have to get back to The LSP... Here's another Pic of My progress from Earlier Today.

Ignore the wrong BLUE [that should be more WEDGWOOD] and the PERIWINKLE [that should be more LAVENDER].

Tomorrow is YARD SALE DAY again!  Also, the OTTAWA HOME AND DESIGN SHOW is on at LANSDOWNE this Weekend. We're still undecided on whether We'll go or not... Probably, not, seeing as one of the BIG Seasonal Craft Shows
will be over There in a few weeks. And, for a much better Admission Price! -- Not to mention, with waay cooler STUFF!!


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