Friday, October 15, 2010

..ggrrrrr.. I *hate* it, when THAT happens...

..SO...There I was, just HOOKING along and making some decent progress, WHEN SUDDENLY..!!

Okay. Maybe not *THAT* "suddenly". But, still... I had hoped, that I would be able to hold out a little longer. -- You're wondering "what the *??*" is She talking about...?


Just EVERY Crocheter and Knitter's SECOND Worst Nightmare, when making "Something Important" -- Running OUT of a Specific DYE LOT!!

Yesterday, BEFORE returning to work on PART 1 of The LSP, I had to go in SEARCH of *more* of the PALE YELLOW that I had been using. I did have one BIG BALL of a Different Dye Lot and, had hoped that it would do...?  However, it soon became apparent that it was too light!

So, off I went digging into "one" of My Mountains of YARN. Finally, I found some of the Correct one, but, NOT enough it would appear. Now, I'll have to dig deeper into the SCRAP PILE - where the PARTIAL BALLS have *NO* Lot Tags. Which means, I'll have to "Eye" BALL it!

I *knew* I should have used that OTHER Ball!




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