Monday, October 25, 2010

**SHE's** heee-rrre...

APPARENTLY, "Pumpkin"-MOM went into Labour around MIDNIGHT-ish and had the MICE take Her to the Hospital an hour later, to await "BUMP-ERELLA's" imminent arrival... Finally, just after 3am [EST], OUT came.....

...a NOT so "LITTLE" RED-HEADED GIRL disguised as a PRE-TODDLER....?! She topped off at a WHOPPING 10 Pounds, 2 Ounces!! And, ALSO won the Family's Highest Birth-Weight for the last few Generations. However, even at 22.5 Inches long, She was still an Inch shy of MY "Record".

Anyway, NO word as of yet on a Name... Which, doesn't really matter - HERE - as I will be referring to Her as LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED - Formerly known as THE BUMP.

Meanwhile, LPB-R and MOM-now-minus-BUMP are doing well. My Niece called MOTHER later in the Morning, and She got to hear Her newest Great-Granddaughter "cry"... THEY all live outside of Town, so I don't know WHEN We'll get to see Our Latest Addition. And, of course, FATHER just has to be entertaining a Cold at present...

BUT, then again... between My Niece, AND My SISTER... The KID will probably be wielding and sucking on Her own CHARGE CARD by the End of the Week!!


BTW, it was also "DECOR MAG" Day - December Issue of STYLE AT HOME. However, I'll save ITS perusal for Tomorrow!


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