Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Got Some MAG-nificent Mail Today!

SO, of course... it was just RAINING Squirrels and the Neighbour's Leaves!

Oh, and My previously reported "mild" COLD - that is now a Week old - has progressed to the annoying-whiny-Throat-COUGH Stage. The DAMPNESS isn't helping any, either. Nor, the Thought of having to go OUT Tomorrow! On the Buses. Downtown...

Rumour has it, that the RAIN is "suppose" to "END" around NOONish...? uh-huh... Saving My Money - NOT making that BET!

Okay. So. As HOPING.... Another of the Decor Mags came in Today!! -- Let's have a LOOK!


  • COVER - Designer Sarah Richardson's daughter ROBIN is just SO going to be taking over The Business!! SOON!
  • P. 70 - Alas! Bookshelves filled with BOOKS!! And, I love how the ones with Artsy Covers are placed outward - like ART.  Actually, if One is lacking said Type of Covers, then Small, GENUINE ART is an excellent substitute!
  • P. 100 - This is cute. Simple. Can work with other Holidays too.
  • P. 128-137 - Sarah Richardson's Country House done up for Christmas. Overall, I really am liking this. There actually is a subtle WARMTH about the place. Even with the High End Furnishings, they ALL give off an atmosphere of being Loved and USED! Oh, and GREAT Tree! -- Personally, I don't believe in killing Trees for THIS particular purpose - unless, it was already Destined for some enduring practical use later. But, I too, would need a Tree that tall for MY Ornament Collection!
  • P. 138-143 - CH&H Editor Suzanne Dimma's place... Granted, it was likely during the sweltering Summer when this was Photographed, however, despite the very exquisitely stylish appointments - I'm just not feeling any of that "Christmas-y" coziness... It's MUCH better suited for that swanky New Year's Eve Party!
  • P. 144-151 - LOVE that whole Entranceway - INside and OUT! Great use throughout of the ANTIQUE pieces! That Dining Room Dominican Sideboard is begining to grow on Me. And those Prints on top of it, remind Me of the TIN TILES that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Hmm...
  • P. 152-157 - Another ginormous Home with wonderful Antiques, but perhaps with one WHITE piece too many...?

BTW, the MUCH awaited IKEA CATALOG *also* arrived Today! I'm still checking it out - lots of Pages... Perhaps Tomorrow, or the Day After, I'll do My "Review"..?

Meanwhile... BECAUSE You've all been Patient of Late, whilst I've been working on The LSP -- Here's a little SOMETHING to occupy You! One of My SISTER's many "Seasonal" VIGNETTES!


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